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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Answers

  • What are these points for?

    Points are collected every time you click a link from your SaveEvery page. Most links will get you a point while some links will get you a ton of points. You can save up points to use later with to get swag, free stuff, or even cool stuff!

  • What is

    It is a free website that allows you to access all of your links, bookmarks, and favorites from any device that can get access to the Interent.

  • What can I access from?

    Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Any device that allows Internet connectivity and has a browswer window.

  • Can I customize my SaveEvery page?

    Yes, You can change the colors, upload an Avatar, and make SaveEvery your own personal page. Click on "My Account".

  • How do I import my current links into SaveEvery?

    Click on the "Import" button and follow the instructions based on what browser/computer you are importing from.

  • Does it cost anything?

    It is absolutely free to the user.

  • How do I share this with my friends?

    SaveEvery has a sophisticated email system to share your links with all your friends and through Social networks. Please click on the "Gear" in the top right of each box of links you create